About Us

About Us



It all started when...

At Flower Hill Farm we grow flowers for florists, weddings and other special events.  You can find our flowers at  select farmers' markets in the St Louis area.  

We also grow vegetables and keep bees.  Our methods follow organic principles.  For example, we source seeds and plants from organic providers whenever possible.  Did you know that the coating that’s used to protect some seeds is toxic to birds?  

We avoid a wide array of synthetically derived "solutions" whether they come in the form of fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.  (Somehow, using these methods has come to be called conventional, and too often they do not thoughtfully consider those who live “downstream".)   We strive to build good soil by amending the soil with organic materials, and deal with weeds and insect pest in a way that we believe honors our commitment to long-term care of our farm, our watershed, our environment and your world.